About 6 years ago I decided to dabble in making my own bracelet to wear with an outfit I had because I couldn’t find anything I liked that was really different (I’m funny like that).

So I made a few that I thought were pretty cool and started wearing them on a regular basis. Funny thing happened; people started to notice.

Now I wasn’t much of a dreamer or visionary at the time but I kept making them for the fun of it. It wasn’t until my husband brought it to my attention and said, “Hey hon, why not try selling some of these since people like them”? Duh, light fell on Marble Head. He was right.

So in 2011 we incorporated Glitter Fan and since then we have been working on building a brand of great products. We don’t necessarily follow any specific fashion trends or copy the latest, greatest. Instead, to me it’s all about the sparkle because bling is my thing. (Hey, I’m an Aries and the diamond is my stone baby!”)

A couple of things to note about us:Our company is based in America and we support American-made. Although there are a variety of items used in our products that are purchased from around the globe, we try our best to use American-made and we will forever stay in the U.S.A.Heart Flag

Second, size kinda does matter! What I mean is did you ever notice when you buy something that looks so great online and when you get it home it’s a lot smaller than what you thought?  We say, “go big or go home” with bracelets you can actually see with large beads and stones giving them a bold look and feel.  And that layered look you get from wearing multiple bracelets together? Many of our designs wrap around multiple times so just one of our bracelets gives you that same look with varying patterns, colors, and charms.  In addition, our products work great together and we’ve done the work for you by matching them up on our combo items page.  (Page soon to come!).

Reflect Logo

Lastly, silver and gold-plating does tarnish over time when exposed to the elements.  Although we humans like air to breathe, silver and gold-plating does not! We recommend that when you aren’t wearing your jewelry to keep then in the plastic bag that came with your purchase to keep it from exposure to the air. Also, a good silver cleaner works great as well. And just an FYI, I still wear many of the bracelets I made over 5 years ago and they still look great. No kidding!

So go ahead, browse our site. We hope you will find something that will “REFLECT YOUR IMAGE”.